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We have a range of services available to cater for your dogs needs from puppies to elderly dogs. We have puppy slings which we use for smaller breed puppies so they can still join our walks and socialise but we can restrict their exercise.

Once you decide which service is best suited to your dog, we will pick your dog up in one of our Little Pawz Doggy Buses, fitted with custom built crates within for safety.

Dog Walking - 1 hour

We are extremely lucky to have the most amazing secure land to walk our dogs on. This consists of acres and acres of grass fields where the dogs can run free, a woodland area and the river running through. We have also installed a doggy play park for the dogs to enjoy which consists of agility type jumps and equipment.

We offer morning and afternoon walks. Your dog will be walked for at least an hour, though will probably be away from home for at least two hours. We walk dogs in groups which we find hugely successful and gives your dog the socialisation and stimulation they love and need.

Longer Walks                                                                  

For dogs who need to be cared for a longer period and need more exercise. Your dog will enjoy two walks and play per day. Your dog will be collected in the morning and dropped home later in the afternoon.
All male dogs must be neutered if over 7 months old.

Let Outs

Ideal for puppies not yet old enough to join the group walks, or the older dogs who need some cuddles and a stretch of the legs. We can take your dog for a short local walk or have a play in the garden. We can also feed your dog if required. We can accomodate multiple visits if required.

Cat Visits 

Cats can become very stressed when their routine is changed. This service is available for the cats who prefer to stay at home in their own surroundings when their owners are away. We can visit your cat daily for one or two visits when we will feed, change litter and offer cuddles if they are wanted.

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Dog Walking - 1hr Group Walk 
One dog £11
Two dogs £20
Three dogs £30

Dog Walking - Longer Walk

£20 per day


Let outs

£8 per visit
£10 at weekends


Cat visits

£8 per visit
£10 at weekends


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